171% ROI in Digital & Sales Transformation

The Challenge :

  • Industry : Information Technology & Services (HQ in Japan)

  • Background : The company aspires to transform itself into an Information Technology & Services company with ITS line-of-business (LOB) contributing 20% revenue, above and beyond existing traditional businesses. Over the years, the ASEAN offices had already exhausted most options (including recruiting new leaders, restructuring, training, etc) and were looking for better ways to accelerate its transformation. The management concluded that there’s a need to realign the entire ecosystem to ensure the sales transformation is producing the required results in a sustainable manner.

The Insights :

Using a combination of Design Thinking, McKinsey's 7S, and Data Science approaches, initial diagnosis revealed that the restraining forces are of particular concerns in 6 out of the 7S. Some of these included,

  • Direction is clear but need to be fully translated at BU level (structure, process, skill, activities, etc).

  • Transformation was driven by Products rather than as a Business.

  • Effectiveness of key activities (across Sales, Marketing, ITS) were not verified.

  • Metrics focused on outcome (lagging indicators) but not enough on progress (leading indicators).

A series of interventions were rolled out to realign affected business units (BU) in the organisation (Business Strategies, Marketing, Sales, ITS). Recommendations were field tested and started to deliver positive results, even at the design phase.

The Results :



(during design phase)