Case Studies

We love challenges. We work on some of the most exciting change management and transformation initiatives in Asia, with a global impact. Here are just some of our featured projects.

Leadership competencies increased by 55% in Global Initiative

As part of it's global cost rationalisation initiatives, a US company embarked on a journey to integrate its' technology hubs in Europe and Asia. After experiencing significant delays, the management overhauled decision making and re-engaged its employees to turnaround the situation.

171% ROI in Digital & Sales Transformation

Following years of disappointing progress, a Japanese technology company concluded that there’s a need to realign the entire ecosystem to ensure that the sales transformation is producing the required results in a sustainable manner.

Sales increased 245% in Business Transformation

Industry: Consulting / Professional Services.

Details of case study will be published soon.

94% effectiveness in Organisation Transformation

Industry: Automotive.

Details of case study will be published soon.

Sales increased 1.8x after 1 month

Industry: Education / Pre-school.

Details of case study will be published soon.